About Us

With the rapid growth in the world of technology there was a huge demand of company that can provide expertise and solutions covering all aspects of a business. In 2010 a group of professionals joined hands to create Optimum5 in order to  promote the implementation of best-of-breed technologies across the world. In 2013 Optimum5 started providing expertise and specialized products related to security and slowly created a name for itself as a premium security consultancy company.


Optimum5 is a company where every solution and service is based on innovation. Our wide spectrum of services speaks volumes about the skills we possess. Optimum5 consultants and resources possess strong industry knowledge and domain expertise. Our domains include:


Network Audit.

Perimeter Security.

Video Analytics.


Optimum not only owns state of the art products that are ready for deployment but also partnered with well-known companies around the world to provide you with best possible solutions.

Remote Site Management/Fuel Management System

Automatic Number Plate Recognition


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