Software Development

Dedicated Development Center

Within this option, a team of dedicated resources are assigned for fixed contract period of time. These teams would act as an extended IT arm of your IT teams or department. Dedicated teams, although are part of Optimum5, will have complete access to all the facilities and support as other teams do and if required, will also be equipped with specialized needs as demanded by the clients.

Joint Development Environment

This methodology involves multiple development partners, in the design and development of an application, through a collaborative efforts while being part of a common development environment. In order to maximize our client’s IT investment, Optimum5 is actively establishing joint development alliances with leading IT firms to either expand product and service offerings, or to jointly develop and introduce entire new software solutions to the marketplace.

  • Product Development
  •   Customized Software Development
  •   Application Refactoring
  •   Application Migration
  •   Web Application Development
  •   Portal Development
  •   Mobile Applications

  •  Cost Effective Solutions
  •  Standard Project Management Methodologies followed to ensure timely deliverables.
  •  Solution available with source codes
  •  High Quality Services
  •  Total Customer Satisfaction
  •  Perseverance and Transparency
  •  Access to projects via Microsoft Project Server
  •  Microsoft Team Development Environment

  • Highly proficient Project Management headed by Global Professionals.
  • Highly skilled Technical specialists and Certified Professionals.
  • Excellent exposure in working with offshore clients.
  • Foresight to evaluate new technologies from a practical perspective.
  • Value addition during the application development from the pool of our experiences.
  • An apt to quickly learn new concepts and transform them for the benefits of the customers.
  •  Very cost effective.
  •  Vast experience in developing Multilingual application to adapt localization feature for specific region or culture.



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